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Travel, From a Mature Lived Experience.

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Hi Travelers! I’m Dr. Donna, this blog was born of my personal and professional lived experiences as a black world traveler. Experience that includes 23 years as a flight attendant and my experiences living as an ex-pat in Southeast Asia since 2007. I’m an empty nester with 2 brilliant adult kids, a Ph.D. in Organizational Management specializing in management education.

My hope is that sharing my experiences, practical wisdom as a traveler, and as an ex-pat will inform and inspire you on your travel journey. It is my personal philosophy that travel transforms a person and helps shift our perspectives for the better. Feel free to comment any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them thoughtfully.

Though this blog speaks to a mature luxury-minded traveler, traveling in style is important to me, the tips and advice offered can be universally applied.

Welcome to Ebony Travelers!